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Frequently Asked Questions

Please use this page as a general guide, there are exceptions to certain rules at certain times. Rules subject to change without notice.

Is your restaurant family friendly?

YES! We offer a great family atmosphere for lunch and dinner 7 days a week. Kids of all ages are welcome however we do turn into a “bar” at 10:00pm and 21 and older are welcome after that time. Families eating dinner past 10:00 are welcome to continue to finish if seated in the dining room. People under 21 are never allowed to sit at the bar on any day at any time.

Do you take reservations?

We do not take reservations but will do our best to seat every party in a timely manner.

Are people under 21 allowed in? At what times?

Toby’s is a family friendly restaurant and everyone is welcome in the dining room to eat. On weekend nights we turn into a 21+ “bar” at 8:00pm. People under 21 who are eating in the dining room may finish their meals after 8:00pm but may not hang out or sit at the bar area. Security reserves the right to ID anyone at anytime regardless if drinking is involved or not. Patrons under 21 may be asked to leave after 10:00pm including national concert nights.

I want to go to a National concert at Toby’s but I’m under 21, is this ok?

National Acts can be identified by being listed in RED on our calendar. These are some of the bigger names you may have heard on the radio and are associated with being able to order tickets online before the day of the performance. We only allow guests 21 years of age and older at these shows regardless of how late in the night they perform until.   Over 21 guests get a “over 21″ wristband to further deter underage consumption. 

We want to come to Toby’s on a random weekend to see live music (a local band), what can we expect?

The dinner crowd turns into more of a “nightlife” crowd around 8:00. The music gets a little louder and the atmosphere slowly turns into a weekend crowd, people letting their hair down and getting a little more rowdy than the weekday crowd. Fridays often have free acoustic music during happy hour then transitions into a full live band which hits the stage around 8:00 or 9:00 depending on the crowd size. The restaurant is usually fairly busy on a weekend night, there may be the occasional spilled drink or person accidentally bumping into you but the crowd is always respectful of others. Our huge dance floor offers plenty of room for dancing, however with large national concerts the dance floor is too full to allow for dancing as the crowd amasses as close to the stage as possible for the best view of the band.

Patrons are asked to pay a $5 cover charge after 8:00pm on these “local band” nights. To provide the high level of live entertainment Toby’s offers, a small cover charge is necessary to bring top-notch entertainment. Once you hear the high quality local band’s Toby’s offers, the small fee will be more than justified.

We want to visit on a night with a national act playing but would like to get there early and eat dinner, do we still need to buy a ticket?

Yes, people are welcome to eat dinner early on the night of a major concert, however security will sweep the venue before the concert starts and will ask for your pre-bought tickets. If you did not buy tickets online prior to the performance, you can purchase them through the security staff at this time. Note: sold out shows may not have this option and in certain cases guests will not be able to stay without a pre-sold ticket.  These shows are almost always 21+ as well.

Why a cover charge? I’ve heard the song!

We polled our guests early on as the Toby Keith’s brand started growing bigger and bigger, the results were unanimous – people were ok with a small charge and top-notch entertainment as opposed to no charge and having to listen to an average band and an average entertainment experience. Toby’s brings the highest level of live entertainment in the entire valley and unfortunately it ain’t cheap! You’ll have an experience you won’t forget at Toby’s which will be worth way more than the nominal fee at the door. In most cases guys are charged $5 on weekends after 9:00 and girls are free. Anyone who gets in before 9:00 is free with the exception of nights with national ticketed events.

Wow, that’s a lot to pay for a beer…

You may have heard about the “expensive” drink prices at Toby’s which deserves a little explanation. Sticking to the “beer in mason jars” theme made famous from the song, Toby’s does offer this very large beer option. Prices vary depending on if it’s an import beer or domestic but a mason jar offers the equivalent of two normal beers. If you prefer a glass of draft beer instead of the mason jar, we are priced right in line with every other bar in the area. So when you hear “$9 for a beer, wow that’s expensive!” keep in mind that’s for TWO beers in one jar.

We have a large group event we’d like to have at Toby’s, can you accommodate us?

Of course! We have 2 “barn” areas which are available for rent as well as a more exclusive glass enclosed VIP room. More info on them and contact info for booking can be found here.

Where can I buy concert tickets and which shows require them? Do I have to buy tickets before the day of show?

Our ticket purchase link can be found here. All shows on the concert calendar in RED have the option to buy a ticket in advance. In most cases the online tickets in advance are cheaper than they are the day of show. When buying tickets online, there is a small service fee. There is the option to “share” your ticket purchase with friends through Twitter and Facebook that if taken advantage of, can greatly reduce your service fees to a dollar or two per ticket. Day of show ticket increases are usually $5 per ticket so we highly recommend purchasing your tickets in advance. Shows on our calendar of events that are in blue do not have the option of online purchase and can be bought at the door when you arrive.

It won’t let me purchase tickets online, is the show sold out?

Not necessarily. Ticket sales are usually cut off the day before the event around midnight so if you’re trying to buy your tickets online on the day of show, you won’t be able to. In the majority of cases the show is not sold out and tickets will still be available at the door. There may possibly however be an increase in the ticket price the day of show. More info can be found on the events calendar under your specific show.

I’d like to work for Toby’s, are you hiring and where do I apply?

We are always taking applications for hostesses, servers, bartenders and barbacks. Our online application can be found here . We do not require a photo or a link to your personal Facebook account but we highly recommend you do so. People who add these will receive extra consideration.  You are welcome to come in and fill out an application at the store between 1pm and 4 pm.

Do you have a retail space in the restaurant to buy Toby’s merchandise?

We do not have a retail area at this location. Currently Toby Keith’s retail goods can be found online here.

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